GoGov is an online directory showcasing state and federal government agencies and politicians in Australia.

GoGov’s whole-of-government search tool enables visitors to search the profiles of over 1,500 government agencies, departments, boards and commissions as well as over 800 members, senators and ministers in Australia.

GoGov was created due to the need for a one-stop government directory that provides up-to-date government information quickly and efficiently.  Until now visitors have to search across at least nine different government portals to find the information they are looking for.

Basic Profiles are provided free of charge and include organisation name, agency website, address, telephone number, sector (federal or state/territory), industry (eg housing, employment), email address, related organisations and a map showing the location of your head office.

Upgrade to a Premium Profile to showcase your media releases, resources (including apps, podcasts, videos, publications), key contacts, member and senator biographies and speeches.


  • Help visitors find government information quickly - then direct them to the relevant government website for more information.
  • Visitors search for organisation on keyword, level of government and sector and find politicians based on keyword, region and house filters.
  • The related agency links in GoGov enhance the user experience by showing which agencies relates to one another.


Target Audience

  • Small, medium and large businesses
  • Government – state, territory and federal
  • Local councils
  • Schools and libraries
  • Universities, TAFEs and other education stakeholders
  • Associations, not-for-profits and other key not-for-profit stakeholders
  • Peak bodies in government, education, health, housing, employment and more
  • Journalists
  • domestic and international consumers of Australian government information



Government agencies:

  • Promote an agency’s projects, resources and events
  • Increase online visibility
  • Strengthen an agency’s online presence by driving more traffic to your website
  • Generate online enquiries via GoGov’s ‘Make and Enquiry’ function


Members and Senators:

  • Showcase media releases, biography, website and speeches
  • Increase online visibility
  • Promote initiatives and concerns for an electorate
  • Showcase events and activities within an electorate



  • Premium Profiles
  • Banners
  • Events & Conferences
  • News - native content


Premium Profiles: (for government agencies, members and senators)

Visitors can search profiles of 1,500 State and Federal agencies and 800 members and senators throughout Australia.

Upgrade to a Premium Profile to showcase your media releases, resources (including apps, podcasts, videos, publications), key contacts, member and senator biographies and speeches.


Upgrade your organisation to a Premium Profile (only available to government agencies)

Upgrade a member or senator to a Premium Profile (only available to members and senators)



Top Leader board              $2,500*/ month

Interactive (option for embedded video)             plus $500*

Specs:                              728 x 90px .jpg, .gif or .png, max 150KB 


Medium Rectangle            $1,750*/ month

Specs:                              300 x 250px .jpg, .gif or .png, max 150KB               


Events & Conferences

GoGov publishes a list of events and conferences throughout Australia. Free events are included at the discretion of the publisher. Paid events appear in a special showcase format at the top of each state entry and are available to any organisation (government or non-government).

Where:                 GoGov Events and Conferences

Duration:              Unlimited

Cost:                    Current Premium Profile holders - free

$375* per month (or part thereof) for the duration of the campaign

Minimum charge $375*


News items (native content)

 Government suppliers and other non-government organisations are invited to submit paid news articles

Where:                 GoGov News

Cost:                    $500*

(GoGov reserves the right to remove news items after one month from the original publication date)

Paid articles must be clearly declared as advertising to avoid any issues surrounding misrepresentation or deceptive advertising. Native content articles will only appear in the news section of GoGov if the source of the article is clearly stated. GoGov reserves the right to remove or edit a native content article without notice or prior written consent if it found the information contained within the article is misleading, deceptive or inaccurate.


* All prices exclude GST.

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