GoGov was developed out of a need for an online search engine and information portal that covers state, territory and federal public sector agencies and politicians throughout Australia.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to make finding government information as seamless as possible when searching across state, territory and federal governments. Whether it’s looking for government departments, finding your local member of parliament, searching through press releases, finding government resources and more, GoGov aims to make this easy.

How do we do this?

Find government agencies and politicians.

Our search engine lets you search for over 800 federal, state and territory politicians and over 1,500 government departments and agencies. Search by location, industry, keyword or sector to narrow down your search.


GoGov News covers major news concerning federal governments, as well as state and territory governments across Australia.

Media Releases 

GoGov makes searching current and past media releases easy, with a range of agencies and members and senators press releases in our archive, journalists and researchers can sort by keyword or date.


Governments of all levels in Australia produce thousands of useful resources, covering subjects ranging from business to education to finance to environment. GoGov brings all those resources together in one place to make finding government resources easy.

Events & Conferences

In the Events & Conferences section of GoGov, users can find information on public sector events across Australia. Here you can find not just events run by government departments and agencies, but events run for the public sector by private companies.



If you want more information about how you can advertise with GoGov, promote your department or agency and Member of Parliament, or have any general questions feel free to contact GoGov or visit our Advertise page.



GoGov is the trading name of Stretch Digital Pty Ltd (ABN 53 608 572 087) incorporated in NSW.

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